Let's team up


If you are interested into working together feel free to drop me a DM on Twitter (@jimzarkadas) or an email at jimzarkadas@hey.com

How I can help you succeed

  • Help you increase the user retention and activation by improving the product UX on every available touchpoint (apps, web, email, more) and designing new features like the ones we discussed during our call (on-boarding, sell flow, about and how it works, etc).
    • User research with 1-1 interviews and existing data analysis
    • Lean prototype-based design
    • User testing of existing product flows and validation of all new designs
    • Finalized mockups to hand-over to the development team
  • Help you build a user-centric culture across the whole company. The final product UX influenced by everybody that's why the culture aspect of it is so important.
    • Facilitate workshops where we teach the whole development team about design-thinking and user-centric design and research.
    • Include development team into the process of user research by asking them to join user testing sessions. This way they can develop more empathy about the end user.
    • Create internal knowledge base where new team members can learn who is the user, what are their jobs to be done, and what is the UX strategy we follow.
  • Help you build and grow a design team
    • Hire designers, review applications and also provide ideas on how to find and attract talented designers.
    • Coach and help junior designers grow. I can act as an the design lead that makes sure the design team works with the right process, grows in terms of skills and also has a user-centric approach.

How we can work together

2 × 4hour design sessions per week → 3000€ / month + VAT


3 × 4hour design sessions per week → 4300€ / month + VAT

Why 4hour sessions?

With short 4hour sessions we can keep things focused and scoped. In 4 hours I have enough time to get into uninterrupted flow and create proper outcomes in the same time.

Can I buy individual hours if needed?

You can only buy slots of 4hours with maximum 3 per week. This way I can plan properly my time by keeping the value I deliver to you as high as possible.

Are you available outside of these sessions through e-mail/slack?

Only for urgent requests - The goal is to plan properly and use these sessions as the main way to collaborate and communicate with each other.

How much do you charge per hour?

I don't work with hourly billing. Instead I focus on providing custom solutions that are focused on creating value.

Notes and terms

  • Are you wiling to invest into serious user research and testing? If yes is there any estimated budget? For example we may need to:
    • use lookback.io for user interviews and think aloud usability testing
    • use https://usabilityhub.com/ for short user tests
    • pay to recruit user testers or pay to test with existing users
    • build an internal community of passionate users that can provide us frequent feedback (imagine something like a beta group that we actively engage with)
  • I would like to share design case-studies of what we are going to work on. Of course this will happen after your approval and I will not share any confidential information. As I mentioned in our call, my goal is to create designs we will all be proud of. Also I am a strong believer of building in public and it's something I did from Day 1 as an entrepreneur. Here is an example thread I published on Twitter.