The 3 principles I follow to validate my SaaS and info products

1: Constantly remind myself that interviewing users is a skill

It’s like design and code. It takes experimentation and practice.

Once I create a questionnaire, I use it with 1 person and then I iterate based on the results I get. I treat it like a product and iterate on it.

2: I (try to) never talk about my product

Or at least I leave it for the end of the discussion.

I focus on their life and how the problem I am trying trying to solve fits into it. I ask them to walk me through past real-life experiences and describe me solutions they tried.

For example, instead of talking about my “prototyping and user testing e-book”, I ask them about their design process.

I ask them to show me how they designed a feature they recently shipped and if they did any validation before shipping.

It’s MY JOB to spot their problems.

3 I validate before I zoom in

I start by validating they care about the problem I am trying to solve. Otherwise the conversation will be misleading.

It’s easy to get someone emotional about a problem if you lead them there. That’s how our brain works.

For example, asking:

“What’s your biggest struggle with user testing?”

assumes they care about user testing and they may reply “we don’t have a UX researcher or we don’t have time for it” which can be false.

Instead I ask:

“How do you design your product? Do you validate your designs? Could you walk me through your process?”

This way I may find out that they just don’t care about user testing.

Which means it’s not a problem they would pay for at this point.

That’s all folks

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