Speed of iteration is critical if you want to build a product with great UX.

Speed of iteration is critical if you want to build a product with great UX.

Speed of iteration is critical when you try to build a product with great UX.

A personal real-life example, is my website where I publish all of the UX tutorials and playbooks I create every week (jimzarkadas.com).

Behind the scenes, I use super.so and notion.so, and I ended up deploying UX and content improvements every single day for multiple times, just in a few seconds.

In my opinion, great UX is the goal and iterations is the path to get there.

That's why I think twice before I choose my tech-stack. The 1st priority should be speed of iteration in my opinion.

Modern fancy libraries and all these stuff are really cool but in real-life they can hold us back sometimes. 🙂

For example at first I wanted to use GatsbyJS with TailwindCSS for my website, in order to amke everything custom and beautiful in terms of UI/UX. But I had to sacrifice the really high speed of iteration I had, and at that point I couldn't afford such a sacrifice.

This is a tech stack I am planning to use, once the value I will get out of these improvements is higher than the freedom I have now using Notion.

That's a discipline I developed in the hard way, the last few years. Prioritise, prioritise, prioritise. Hold your enthusiasm for later and focus on what matters. Otherwise you won't be able to make decent progress and grow.

That’s all folks

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