How to design destructive actions (e.g. delete, turn off)

How to design destructive actions (e.g. delete, turn off)

If the action is reversible

Just complete the action immediately and let the users undo it somehow.



  • Undo shortcut in MacOS - Cmd+Z
  • Shake device to undo gesture in iOS
  • Undo text link in toast in web apps
  • Undo action in Snackbars in Android

If the action is NOT reversible

Is it VERY serious and will have a major impact? Then throw an alert asking for confirmation in a very explicit way.


Is it less serious and won't have a major impact?

Throw a basic alert asking them to confirm.


Or make confirmation part of the UI interaction

Example #1: Turning off an iPhone - Slide to turn off


Example #2: Removing an app from MacOS dock - Hold for 2 seconds and release to remove


Example #3: Deleting an item from a list in iOS - Swipe all the way to delete


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