Focus on who you are and ignore what others think.

Focus on who YOU are and ignore what others think.

Easy to say but really hard to do.

This time I made it!

My website has been updated and I am proud to say it represents 100% who I am.

It has my tone of voice, my style, and my colours.

I don't pretend to be somebody else.

A "UX expert you have to trust", or a "growth hacker that knows the secrets".

I am just myself.

I love well-designed products and I love sharing my knowledge.

I love empowering fellow makers and helping them understand better their users.

I am on a mission to help others get better at UX.

I build SaaS products, free e-books, tutorials and even 1-1 coaching services to make this vision come true.

I do all these with my style. My approach and my way of thinking.

And you know what? It feels really good!

But it's scary.

There is a constant inner voice I have to ignore:

"Will people take me seriously? Is my style too playful? Do I look like a guy they can trust? How do experts do it? Should I copy somebody that is better than me?"

Screw that.

Be yourself. Focus on yourself and your mission and let the people that truly admire you, to join you. Just ignore the rest.

We are on this together and we have to celebrate authenticity.

So next time you hear that inner voice, ignore it and focus on who you are.

Let the people that admire you, to actually join you.

Being an indie-creator is challenging.

Everybody is talking about product market-fit etc. but overcoming your insecurities and lack of faith is maybe the top reason we quit.

I hope this mini-essay helped you and pushed your confidence a bit.

You can do this and we are on this together.

Finally, in case you didn't know I have a hidden gem from Harry Mack, my favourite rap freestyle artist, in the about page. πŸ˜…

Let me know what you think on a Twitter DM or on an email at!


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