You, before and after reading the book

Here is how this course will change you think and feel.

From: It looks like shit, but I can't really tell you why...

To: I know how to test it with people and understand exactly what's going wrong.

From: I am frustrated that I don't know what is "right" or "good"

To: I test my prototypes and I understand if people can use what I designed. If they can use it then it's good and right. If not then I need to change it. I now understand that in design there is not a global definition of right or wrong. It all comes to if my users can do their job.

From: No confidence and afraid to ship because the bar for design and UX is so high that people will judge my product (or really, judge me) and not buy because they think it/I am not legit

To: I've tested my product and designs with people and I don't care about how other products look like. My products solves the problem, it's easy to use and I am confident with the end result. I don't care if it looks as much fancy as the other products.

From: I don't do user testing cause I have nobody to test with

To: I now understand how and where to find people to test my product with. I also now know all the available tools in the market and I have everything I need to get started.

From: I don't do user testing cause it's too expensive

To: I know the free and smart alternatives to do user testing.

From: I am afraid to do user testing and be judged cause my designs or product are not good enough.

To: I understand that the whole point of user testing is to spot problems to fix and not to receive feedback on how awesome my designs are. I enjoy receiving critical feedback and I don't take it personally.

From: Marrying myself to technology in order to get something off the ground

To: I know how to prototype ideas in a quick and hacky way to receive feedback as fast as possible. No weeks wasted on coding or designing pixel-perfect screens.