Why I wrote this book

To share what changed made my life as a developer and designer

User testing did that. Really.

Back when I was 16yo and started my career as a web developer, I used to think of designers as people with a unique talent that they are born with. Becoming a designer was my secret dream but I thought I wasn't born for that. Some years later I started learning more about it and had the chance to work closely with some good product designers.

I saw designers building products without testing them. And it always felt wrong to me. I could see some usability issues in their designs. But their ego was too strong. Their designs looked beautiful. They even had some fancy animations that made me thing that they are cool. But they were not easy to use.

I realized that this was the reason I used to believe that making great designs is a talent. Because I though good design needs to be fancy and you either know how to do it or not.

But I was wrong. Great design comes from the people with the smallest ego. It comes from great listeners and observers. It comes from sharing your designs with somebody and asking them to complete a task and tell you how they feel.

When I got myself into user testing, everything changed. I felt like I unlocked a new universe. Still, every time I do it I get hyped because I get so many insights in such a short amount of time. Every time I test something I learn more about how people think and how their brain works. It amazes me how design can be so simple in the end. All you have to do is to talk to people, understand them and design something useful your learnings for them.

User testing has been the best source of knowledge for me that no course or book could ever provide.

To prove that user testing can be simple, practical and cheap.

Many people I've talked with think that they need to hire UX researchers in order to user testing. They need experts that I'll do this as their full-time job. They believe that user testing is so that only experts can and should do it.

My goal is to prove that user testing can be done by engineers, designers, product managers and all kinds of humans in a quick and easy way. Yes humans. If you are a human then you can design and do user testing. It's that simple.

Of course I am not saying that you can do it as good as an expert that has been doing it for years. But that's the case with everything in life. If you have the option to hire them go for it. But if you don't then I will show you how to do it in small steps and I hope that it will change your life too!

Because I am tired of non-practical design courses

The last few years I've spent a ton of hours researching existing product design courses.

I found out that most of these courses are not practical for me and fellow makers who want to learn more about UX design for the following reasons:

  • They are too expensive and academic, focusing on giving you a certificate to use in order to get a job. They also have too much content (10+ hours of videos) which makes it impossible for people like me to follow them. (Coursera, Interaction Design Foundation, Designlab)
  • They are focused on teaching you how to use a design tool and not how to do proper UX design (Designcode)
  • They are focused only on the UI and visual aspect of the product (Designacademy, RefactoringUI (my favourite), Shiftnudge)

That's why I decided to create something new.

Practical UX courses that can be consumed in a few days, for solo makers and small product teams. UX courses that have tips and insights from products I've built in the past and products that I keep building as an indie maker.

UX is simple. It's not rocket-science. Since I learned it, you can also learn it. And my mission is to help you get there in a fun and practical way.