Start testing in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Define the scenario you want to test

Pick a user flow or a user task you want to test. Keep it simple and focused and test one thing at a time. For example:

  • "Open the landing page and think out loud while you try to understand what the product is about. Once you are done describe me in a few words what the product is and does."
  • For - "Try to signup and add your first snap by thinking out loud"
  • For - "Try to find your account settings"

Step 2: Pick the right type of test

Depending on the scenario you want to test, you will have to pick one of the types of user testing I described in the previous pages.

Step 3: Iterate or start coding

Once the test is done ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did your prototype get the job done? (This is the most important question. Your first priority is to design something that people will be able to use and get a task done)
  • How easy was for people to complete the test? (Ask them how the feel, monitor how many mistakes they did until the complete the test, and how much time it took in total)
  • What were the users anxieties and what was confusing to them? (note these down while they think out loud)

Once you have these answers decide if you want to iterate and improve your prototype or if you should proceed with coding it and shipping it.

My biggest advice to you at this point is to not chase perfection!

Ask yourself, does the design work? Did the user get the job done? There will be always something to improve. Design is a never ending process. Your goal is not to achieve perfection but to stick to your quality standards. If your prototype gets the job done without being confusing you are likely ready to start building.