Difference between testing an idea and a design

Testing a business idea to see if it's valuable, is completely different than testing if a prototype is easy to use.

What I focus on this course is what we call "usability testing" in the design industry. It's the type of testing that helps you test and understand if your product is easy to use. Not if it's valuable for your customers.

When it comes to testing business ideas here is what you can do from my experience:

  1. Read the Momtest book and interview people using the techniques described in there. That's what I did for my products and for the UX courses I am creating. The core idea of momtest interviews is that you should never ask people if they like and would pay for your product. Your job is to ask them to describe the problems that they have, explain you how they currently solve them and what are the main things that they find annoying. Then it's up to you to decide on your own if the problem you are solving and the solution you are creating, are important enough for your customers to buy.
    1. During these interviews you should also have in mind and use the 5-whys technique. It's an incredibly simple and human-oriented way to dig deeper into problems you spot. Here is an example.
  2. Build a landing page where you present and sell your product to see if people are interested. Here is my favourite story on how Buffer did it.
  3. Build a first version of your product, ship it and see if people are willing to pay for it.
    1. That's where you can use the process that I am teaching in this course. Once you have an idea of what you want to build, you can follow this process and make sure that people will be able to use properly what you build.

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