5. Establish and follow a design & development process that truly puts users first


Users are the source of truth. Not courses, not products of others.

Here is something you should always keep in mind.

"No matter how many courses you took, apps you researched and successful examples you analyzed, your app will be always unique. And your users will be your source of truth."

If something worked well for Apple/Google/Github or some other company, it doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you too. So don't get obsessed with looking what others do and focus on your users.

Use courses and products of others as a source of inspiration and knowledge. Not as a blind path to follow.

The truth is in your users' head. That's why you need a process that is designed around this fact. A process that puts your users first in a pragmatic and practical way.

User testing has to be fast, accessible and simple. Otherwise you'll always avoid it.


I am sure that you 've already heard the following advice:

"Try to test more with your users, listen to them, let them show you what to do".

Well I've heard it too, but the problem was that nobody told me how to do it in a pragmatic and realistic way. I am a solo maker. I don't have a team of UX researchers and a budget of $1K+ per month to spend on user testing.

Truth is that I had to figure it out myself and that's why I made this course. In order to show you the practical way of prototyping and testing frequently with real people. I will show you how to move fast, design by listening and make sure you create something that is easy to use.