Fake it, test it, make it | A guide on how to prototype and test ideas in hours, not weeks.

Fake it, test it, make it | A guide on how to prototype and test ideas in hours, not weeks.


Book summary

In this playbook I describe in detail the process I follow to prototype and design the apps and websites I've been working on the last 10 years. It's the process that helped me ship features successfully to more than 5 million users when I was working for TicketSwap.com and build my own SaaS product now as an indie maker.

Everything I teach you in this book can be applied to all kinds of digital products. Apps (web and native), landing pages, e-commerce websites, marketplaces, plugins and extensions, and so on.

Finally, I did more than 50 interviews with fellow indie founders and spent around 6 months writing it in order to make sure it will be practical and helpful enough for you and your team! Hope you'll enjoy it!❣️


A huge thanks from Jim
You, before and after reading the book
Why I wrote this book

Chapter 1 - The steps to design something that's easy to use

1. Understand and use your platform's design system components and guidelines
2. Observe and deconstruct apps and websites you love
3. Learn the main UX principles and practices of specific use cases
4. Think offline first and think about the real-life context of use
5. Establish and follow a design & development process that truly puts users first

Chapter 2 - Prototype like a hacker

What is a prototype
Understand why you should prototype
Pick the right tool
Learn the right way to prototype
Cool things you can do with Framer
Start prototyping in 2 simple steps

Chapter 3 - Test like a human

Data won't tell you the "why"
Difference between testing an idea and a design
User testing can be simple, cheap, and fast
Think out loud - the #1 type of usability testing
Other types of usability testing
With how many people you should test with
Where to find people to test with
User testing tools
Start testing in 3 simple steps

Your next steps

Apply everything you learned in 3 easy steps
Book me for a free 45mins 1-1 UX coaching session


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