Create luck through consistency

This is how I control my destiny as an IndieHacker, content creator and freelance UX coach.

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The idea is simple:

"The more I show up, the more visible I make myself and the more chances I have of landing new opportunities."

The only thing I can CONTROL is how much I show up throughout the week.

Example #1

On June 2020 when I quit my job to become an IndieHacker, I started journaling in public and sharing my updates on @IndieHackers.

Scott (@kanga_bru) saw it, subscribed and also replied to some of my newsletters. That's how we got to know each other. I followed his newsletter as well and we kept in touch.

Long-story short, we recently decided to team up and he is now my co-founder at, the SaaS product I am building.

What did I do right here? "I showed up".

Example #2

Yesterday I launched my IH series and wrote a tweet about. Later I saw that IndieHackers retweeted me.

What did I do right here? "I showed up". I had no idea this was going to happen.

Example #3

A few days ago I commented on a post on IndieHacker and today I had a call with Omar a fellow founder.

We may team up and use my UX coaching service to help them launch their MVP.

Example #4

I made a post on my LinkedIn profile to announce that I launched a UX coaching service.

The founder of who is also part of my network on LinkedIn, reached out to me and we are now working together.

They have been my first client!


These are just some recent examples of how showing up online helped me grow.

Is it stressful? Yes, but it gets easier.

Is it hard? Same.

Is it fun? Yes!

Here is what @AlexLlullTW (my Twitter coach) advised me:

"Focus on what you can control and believe in your process"

Finally one thing to note is that uncertainty is the sacrifice we make when we go the indie way and quit the full-time job benefits. Uncertainty is now part of our lives and we have to find ways to create our short and long-term fate.

Just stay strong, believe in yourself and keep creating. Now or later you'll succeed. Just stay consistent ❣️

That's all folks!

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