Branding is not what you say. It's what you DO. The example of Asket.

Branding is not what you say. It's what you DO. The example of Asket.

What does "Branding" really mean? It's a mix of things. It's how you look like. (visual identity) It's how you sound like. (tone of voice) It's how your product feels like. (UX) But MOST OF ALL it's what you DO to truly serve your mission.

Asket is a clothing brand that supports "slow fashion" and eco-friendly clothing. Asket is taking a stand and has a mission to reduce waste and fight fast fashion brands.


They recently spent 12 MONTHS to rethink their packaging and make it more sustainable.

They also created a public white paper of how they made it, so that other brands can copy it. They didn't treat them as competitors. They focused on their MISSION. Having other brands to use their packaging means less waste for the planet. And that's what they stand for.

Now as a customer, I feel like buying their products 10x times more, because they are original and honest. They truly do what they promise. And I feel even prouder now, for supporting them and buying their products.

Another thing to mention is that this white-paper is now the main thing you see on the hero section of their homepage. Even though it's a clothing company! They show visitors that their new packaging is more important than just converting them to buy a new jean.


So to recap, for me this is what branding is all about. It's about the actions we take to support our promises.

As Marty Neumeier said: "A brand is a person's gut feeling about a product, service or organisation." What we say and how we look like is 30% of the equation. The rest 70% is what we do. That's how people shape emotions about us.

Thatโ€™s all folks

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