My full story in 5 minutes

☝️Here is a freestyle rap song about me, where you can get to know me better by listening to one of my favourite artists. Huge thanks to the love of my life for making this happen.❣️

  • 0-16yo - I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I grew up in Alimos on the south coast of Athens and studied at Lycée Léonin, a franco-hellenic school. At the age of 16 years old, John, my older brother brought me with him to http://opencoffee.gr, the only startup meetup we had back then in Athens. That was when I fell in love with startups. I saw for the first time creative progressive people building cool ideas and having an unconventional lifestyle. As a kid I was always enthusiastic about apps and technology, but I was never into programming or designing. That's when the magic happened and I decided that this is what I want to do for the next years of my life.
  • 16-18yo - I never enjoyed school to be honest. That's why during high-school I found my way to get more creative and I built ma8itis[.]gr a social network for high-school students in Greece. I used Ning, a no-code tool that existed back then. I actually did the no-code when it wasn't as cool as nowadays 😂. Ma8itis never really grew as a platform but I learned a lot of things and it was my first project!
  • 18-20yo - I started my bachelor on Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. Some months later I started realising that academics is not my thing. My dream was to build products not to become an academic researcher.
  • 20-21yo - I started teaching myself web development on my own (Ruby on Rails and HTML/CSS/JS).
  • 21yo - I did my first startup experiment. I built Geembo, a LinkedIn-like platform only for developers, with a team of fellow students, with no success. We were all too junior for building a profitable company but we learnt a lot and expanded our network too.
  • 22yo - Joined Generation-Y an e-commerce agency based in Greece. Two months later I realised I can make my own agency if I build a business network. That's why I decided to quit and focus on that.
  • 22-26yo - Co-founded www.befoolish.co a boutique design studio with Yannis and decided to officially drop-out of my studies. Initially based in Athens and later in Amsterdam we had a variety of clients from small to large scale companies around US and Europe. Some of them were:
    • Transifex a localisation tool used by companies like Trello (Attlasian) and Soundcloud. We worked on the web-app interface and fully owned the product marketing website.
    • Intale a customer intelligence tool for kiosks and small retail stores in EU. We fully owned the brand design, marketing website design and development.
    • Pressidium one of the most reliable and popular managed WordPress hosting platforms. We worked on the branding, product marketing website and we also re-designed their web application.
    • Damsko a small NL-based e-commerce website. We took care of everything from branding to website design and development.
    • Newslexia a fun marketing and design focused side-project of our team.
  • 26yo - Both of us decided to quit and shut down the agency, to pursue our dream as product makers and creators. We were tired of working for clients on a full-time basis and decided to join product-oriented companies to gain more experience. I joined one of our clients, Pressidium, as the lead of marketing strategy and product design for almost 1 year.
  • 26-28 - The culture fit with Pressidium was not great and I decided to move on and find a company based in Amsterdam. I finally joined TicketSwap, one of the most popular marketplaces in the Netherlands with more than 5 million user. I worked there as the head of design team and I was responsible for coaching and growing the design team. We revamped the design process, focused on user-testing and prototype-based design and I was also assigned various major redesign projects that had direct impact on revenue KPIs.
  • 28yo - present. When Covid19 hit, I decided to move on to a new chapter. On the 1st of June 2020, I quit my job at TicketSwap and started chasing my dream to become an IndieHacker (aka solo entrepreneur). I started building my own info and software products in public, and I have been sharing my journey on Twitter since then.

🎮 Life outside of work

Building products is fun. But life outside of work should be fun as well. It took me around 28 years to realise that. To realise that I actually need to put energy into learning new hobbies and treat them with the same level of importance as I treat my work. So here is what I ve been practicing on lately.